Does the PlexiDor have to be so expensive?

The PlexiDor has a higher up-front cost than many other pet doors, but it is also one of the cheapest doors to own over its lifetime.

The PlexiDor’s frame is made from aluminum and will never crack or warp like other pet door frames may do. It will keep working and look just the same through the years.

The see-through panels won’t need replacing – no more worrying about flaps. The panels are made from a special material called K9Glass that is designed to withstand daily use and abuse by rambunctious pets as well as weather and time.

These high-grade materials make the door more expensive to manufacture than cheaper competitors, but saves both money and work in the long run. Depending on climate and usage, many owners of cheaper dog doors and cat doors have to replace flaps several times every year. Others need to replace them once a year or once every second year. The panels on the PlexiDor will keep looking good and keep working.

Over a ten-year period, the PlexiDor will require little maintenance, no replacement flaps, and saves energy – which in turn saves money on heating and cooling. In hot climates, the PlexiDor saves AC costs, and in cold climates, it saves heating costs.

The PlexiDor locks from the inside and comes with a metal security plate. It is very difficult to force a PlexiDor open when it’s locked and has the security plate attached.

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