Will my dog chew the dog door?

PlexiDor Extra Large stands up to dogs who chew the dog doorSome dogs will chew their doggy door, but the good news is: The PlexiDor Extra Large has a protective trim around the panels. 

The Extra Large PlexiDor dog door is constructed to take the daily use – and abuse – of very large dogs. It is intended to stand up to 220 pound dogs running through it at full speed several times a day, or being chewed on.

If your chewer is a small dog, they can use the door too; the panels swing so easily that they can open it. Just make sure it’s at a height appropriate for the small dog. Small dogs and cats usually open one side of the door to get through.

Of course, having a chew-proof dog door won’t automatically prevent a dog from chewing on other things.

Most puppies chew things they aren’t supposed to, and that behavior usually solves itself as they grow up. Their teeth itch, their gums hurt, and much like babies, they learn about the world through putting things in their mouth.

Dog chewing on boneChewing is natural for adult dogs too and something they need to do, but an adult dog that has access to chew toys and still munches down on someone’s shoes or the remote control may be bored, stressed, or suffer separation anxiety. Some scientists believe chewing releases dopamine in dogs’ brains, which means it decreases stress and increases their sense of well being.

A dog door in itself won’t solve those problems – a dog can be just as bored outdoors as indoors. Or feel just as lonely outdoors as indoors.

Most adult problem chewers destroy things when they’re home alone. If your dog chews on things when you’re home, they probably want attention. (Yelling or scolding won’t help – it’s still attention.)

Some ideas to help your dog can include:

  • Physical exercise – for instance playtime before leaving the house.
  • Mental stimulation such as training. It is difficult to exercise a dog tired, but having something to think of can make the most energetic pup want a nap.
  • Things to do, such as food puzzles.

A dog trainer can also help with tips on how to alleviate separation anxiety.


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