Will my pet have to push the PlexiDor open?

The PlexiDor Electronic opens automatically for pets with a key. The saloon-style PlexiDors are manual pet doors and the cat or dog pushes the panels open when going through.

Dog going through PlexiDor Electronic dog door does not have to push openThe electronic version of the PlexiDor operates with an RF-ID collar key. That means the pet carries a water-proof and impact-proof key that has a unique code. The door senses the key when it’s within range and slides up, like a miniature garage door. The key will only work for the door it’s programmed for, and one door can manage up to ten different keys.

Even if all your neighbors were to have the same type of door, their pets can’t open yours or vice versa.

It is important to know that while only pets with keys can open the door, that doesn’t mean other animals can’t run through once the door is open.

Many pet door manufacturers claim their electronic doors will prevent cats from going outside, since the cat can’t technically unlock the door. Cats are very smart. They will wait for the dog to open and run outside with it. Some cats run behind the dog, others go to the side or ahead of it. Some even run under the dog. No pet door can prevent that. These situations require other solutions, for instance an indoor electronic cat fence.

The PlexiDor Electronic is available for installation through a household door or a wall.


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