Will the aluminum in the PlexiDor get hot?

The PlexiDor wall model has an aluminum tunnel through the wall, and to some extent this material will get cold or hot, depending on location and weather. We haven’t had any complaints about it getting too warm, but some dogs don’t like to go through the tunnel if it’s too cold – luckily this is a problem that can be solved.

PlexiDor Large Silver WallThe PlexiDor aluminum wall tunnel covers the bottom, sides, and top of the hole through the wall. Aluminum has many advantages – it is durable even in extreme conditions and it doesn’t rust, warp, or crack. It can however get cold and slippery. Most dogs don’t care about that – they walk on the cold ground outside – but if temperature is a problem, the easiest solution is putting a piece of carpet or rubber matting on the aluminum.

Another option is putting a PlexiDor Awning above the door, to keep sun, sleet, and rain away. The awning is available in white or bronze, sizes large, medium, or large/extra large.