Will the PlexiDor keep flies out of the house?

When the PlexiDor is closed, the panels and weather seal will keep flies and other bugs out of the house.

Weather seal on a PlexiDor panelThere is no guarantee an insect won’t come into the house with a pet – or that a pet won’t lie down in the opening, propping the panels open, but that is true for any pet door.

We do have feedback from pet owners in areas with many black flies, and the flies have not entered their homes through the PlexiDor.

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This video explains how the weather seal on a new PlexiDor or BiteGuard dog door is designed to overlap to make a good seal. This may make the panel not line up and the lock cam will hit the panel edge. This is normal and will go away with a little time as the ends of the weather seal soften. If this happens at first, just use your hands and push the panel forward gently and they will realign correctly.