6 Reasons Your Kid Needs a Dog

You’ve probably heard the adage that every kid needs a dog. Whether that’s true may be a debate, but there are some general reasons kids benefit from being raised with a dog in the family. Dogs may even improve a child’s mental and physical development.

There are many reasons a kid needs a dog including positive social and emotional health

Why Your Kid Needs a Dog…

Builds Confidence & Stability – Taking care of a pet gives children a sense of a job well-done which builds self-esteem and self-confidence. The daily and weekly routine of caring for a pet provide stability kids need to feel secure and confident.

Dogs Don’t Judge – The fact a dog’s love is unconditional is reason enough your kid needs a dog. Dogs aren’t seen as disciplinarians as well the way parents are. Dogs never ask if the bed is made or if homework is done. Dogs never have to hand out punishments. Dogs are lucky that way.

Less Stress – It’s been proven that petting a dog can relieve stress by lowering cortisol levels in people. Dogs are often used as therapy animals to relieve stress and perform other calming functions. Your kid needs a dog to ward off stress and relieve tension.

Promote Healthier Lifestyle – Dogs and an active lifestyle just seem to fit. Dogs help keep our kids active and active kids are healthy kids, both mentally and physically. Dogs tend to get kids outside and on their feet.

Teach Responsibility – Children at any age can take on the responsibility taking care of the family dog, whether it’s placing the water dish down or picking up poop. There’s a way to pitch in no matter the age of the child. It’s good to get children started early. This caring for another also teaches selflessness and helps build cognitive skills.

Feel Secure & Protected – Dogs offer a sense of security. Whether it’s as a protector or a therapy animal, dogs comfort us. They are our guardians and our constant companions. They listen to our troubles and our successes. Dogs are always there.

Should the reasons above not persuade you your kid needs a dog, then consider how friendly, furry, and cute they are. Perhaps you will be swayed. Do your research when choosing a family dog and make sure it’s the right fit for you. Children benefit from a pooch in their lives in so many ways.