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Bought first one in 2003. Wanted one for obvious practical reasons and I wanted my dog, Chevy, to have the freedom. Based on the ones I had seen at my brother's house in Arizona I did not think that a dog door would be practical in Ohio. However, the way your doors are designed, we are better off with the door vs opening up the human door. Also, we have never had problems with rain or snow getting in through the door (unless it is on my dog). About a year and 4 months after we brought 5 month old Chevy home from a shelter we got the door. He actually used the opening before we put the door in — so there was no training time with him. About 2 years later I adopted another dog from the pound. It took me 2 weeks to train her to use the door. From the start we were immensely happy with the door and recommended it. I have no d