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Sorry — I must have hit send before I was finished. So this is a continuation:
As I was saying — we have no doubt that the door would have lasted the entire life of my dog.* He is now a very healthy 13. I also have no doubt that having a dog door has played a part in his healthiness and happiness! ; )
*However, I started pet sitting a couple years ago so the door has seen a lot of traffic. One night we had 2 young, vivacious black labs try to come bounding through at the same time and one side of the plexiglass doors came completely unhinged and broke off. It was unusable. That is why we had to purchase a second door — replacement parts. We actually had trouble with one side sticking and staying open. We called the company and and based on their assessment of the situation — we ended up having to get an entire new unit. So…regardless of all that — we love our dog door and Chevy loves his dog door!