Saluki Sighthound: Hunting Dog of Kings

The Saluki sighthound, meaning they hunt by sight rather than smell, is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. There is a lot of archeological evidence that has been found to support this. Images have been found on mosaic sculptures and in tomb paintings that date back 5000 years of slender dogs with feathered ears, tails, and legs. These dogs originate from Fertile Crescent in the Middle East. This “Royal Dog of Egypt” has been found mummified in tombs along the upper Nile with Egyptian Pharaohs. They were known as a hunting dog to pharaohs and kings for thousands of years.

This feathered Saluki Sighthound is beautiful with black and white coloring.
This feathered Saluki Sighthound is beautiful with black and white coloring.

Saluki Sighthound Speed

Salukis are graceful and agile sprinters. They average 30-35 miles per hour and have been clocked at 50 mph. Since they hunt by sight, it is paramount they keep up with their prey and this breed is swift. They were bred by Arab tribesmen for speed and endurance to bring down gazelle. Their slim, long-legged build is surprisingly strong and athletic. They have the stamina to keep up with the quickest of prey.


They are a gentle breed, dignified and loyal. The saluki sighthound is thought to be independent or sometimes aloof, although not difficult to train. They enjoy running and staying active and require and healthy dose of mental stimulation. With proper nutrition and good care, this breed will live 10-17 years.

Males will be 23-28 inches at the shoulder with females typically being smaller in stature. They weigh between 40-65 pounds depending on their sex. Their large oval eyes can be dark to hazel in color. The breed standard has an expression that is gentle and dignified with eyes that are deep, faithful and far-seeing.

The Saluki sighthound loves to stay active like these two dogs playing with a ball.

The Saluki has a short coat, soft and silky to the touch. The breed comes with coats either smooth or “feathered”. Feathered being they have longer hairs on their ears, legs and tails. Their coats are easy to care for requiring only a weekly brushing and an occasional bath when necessary. These hounds are not prone to smelling bad and bathing more often is not necessary. Their beautiful coats make them adaptable to virtually any climate. These dogs can be found in many colors and patterns including white, fawn, cream, tan, red, gold, grizzle, and black.


The Saluki sighthound requires daily walks and regular runs, at least twice a week. They do best with a large backyard where they are able to stretch their legs as they please. Along with basic obedience training, some type of canine sport training is also a good idea. These are active dogs and should be kept busy.

Salukis enjoy both mental stimulation and exercise and would be a good fit for lure coursing, exhibition jumping, flyball and agility training. When bored they have been known to get into mischief like escaping over fences and chewing things up. A strong fence at least six feet high and plenty of sturdy chew toys is suggested. It is in an owners’ best interest to keep their Saluki occupied and exercised.

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