The PlexiDor Sliding Glass Dog Door and Your Active Dog

You may wonder how a sliding glass dog door can possibly survive the day-in, day-out use of an active dog. It seems unlikely a sliding glass door can support a doggie door for a 100 pound dog or larger. PlexiDor Glass Series Dog Doors are revolutionary and were developed with UPA Glass Pet Door Solutions to accommodate any dog breed. The typical, and even rambunctious, lifestyle of a normal dog was top of mind when creating this product. This pet door is approved for any dog.

The prefabricated glass inserts were designed to replace the existing glass in your French, glass patio or sliding glass door. The insert includes a one-piece frame with a factory installed PlexiDor dog door. You choose the size dog door you need depending on your pet(s). These doors come in all sizes; small (SM), medium (MD), large (LG) and extra-large (XL).

PlexiDor Glass Series sliding glass dog door

For some homeowners, the best access to the dog’s space outdoors is through a glass door, or perhaps a window. In the past, installing a sliding glass dog door would have been almost impossible. However, the PlexiDor Glass Series makes putting a dog door through a window, or glass door, no problem. This is a practical and beautiful solution to providing your dog freedom to the outside.

An installer will come to your home to measure the width, thickness, and height of the pane of glass in your door. These measurements will be used to ensure your prefabricated glass insert arrives ready to install. The glass insert, with the dog door already in place, will be installed just like the original glass had been. The original door glass, removed with care, can be stored for later use. Should you sell your home or no longer need a pet door, the old pane can be put back in. Installation of a sliding glass dog door generally takes about 45 minutes.

After installation, the door is ready for your frisky pooch. This is the perfect doggie door style for any breed, no matter how spirited. The sliding glass dog door will be a good fit for your family and home. It really blends right into your existing door frame!     

The replacement frame and glass are warranted for five years and the PlexiDor dog door comes with a 10-year warranty. For more information, contact us or give us a call at 888-PET-DOOR!

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