Pet Door through Glass!

Plexidor Dog Door through glassIn many houses, the best route to the outside goes through a glass door or even a window. Historically, mounting a pet door in glass has been nearly impossible, but with the PlexiDor Glass Series we are working to provide you with a pet door in your french doors, sliding patio door, or glass patio door.

To install a PlexiDor pet door through glass, an installer will come to your house and measure the width, thickness, and height of your existing pane. The dog door or cat door is mounted in a new pane, which will be installed exactly the same way as the original glass. Thus, the old pane can be put back if you were ever to sell your home to someone without a pet, or if you no longer require a pet door.

For more information, visit the Glass Series page or give us a call at 888-PET-DOOR!

Can a pet door be safe?

Plexidor KeySecurity is an important factor in today’s world, and many might hesitate to install a pet door because it is one more opening in the home that might let in unwanted persons. These are valid concerns, and we here at PlexiDor pet doors have taken measures to help you feel safe.

Every PlexiDor dog door and cat door comes with a lock and key. The lock features a steel cam inside a hardened metal cylinder.

The doors also come with a steel security plate that is easily attached to the door frame and can be installed when leaving home for an extended period of time.

For those who wish to use the security plate on an everyday basis, the PlexiDor sliding track system is a convenient accessory. Slide the plate down the track and lock it in place with a handy flip lock feature.

There is also an electronic version of the PlexiDor that will only open for pets with a key. The door is controlled by RFID and the pet carries the key on the collar. When the pet comes close enough to the door it slides open – but only for collar keys with the right combination.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any security concerns you might have.

Have you seen the PlexiDor awning?

PelxiDor Awning WhiteThe easy to install PlexiDor awning creates a roof for the pet door and prevents rain, sun, and snow from entering the house. This accessory comes in three sizes, perfect for the PlexiDor pet doors.

The awnings are made from durable aluminum with a baked-on finish that will last for many years. They are available in white or bronze.

The small awning is 12″ wide and 8″ deep.
The medium awning is 16″ wide and 12″ deep.
The large awning is 23 1/4″ wide and 16 5/8″ deep.

Click here to see more.

PlexiDor Awning

What size dog door should I get?

Pet sizes – and pet door sizes – can seem confusing, because it’s relative to a person’s frame of reference. If a person is used to Rottweilers, a Beagle looks like a small dog. To a person used to teacup Yorkshire terriers, the Beagle is pretty big.

To make this more confusing, the right size pet door often looks small compared to the pet. Dogs tend to duck their heads and lift their feet when they go through, so the opening doesn’t have to be as tall as the pet. If you have larger and smaller pets together, the PlexiDor opens so easily that a smaller pet can generally use a larger pet door.

The weights in the list below are guidelines. If your pet is right on the spot you might need to measure him or her and compare with the opening size. Or, contact our customer service. They are experienced and happy to help.

PlexiDor size small

This pet door is small, and has a single pane design. The opening is 6.5 x 7 1/4 inches. It is suitable for cats up to 24 pounds and dogs up to 9 pounds. Common breeds are chihuahuas, papillons, yorkshire terriers, and pomeranians.

PlexiDor size Dog Door small

PlexiDor size medium

This dog door is intended for dogs up to 40 pounds. The opening is 9 x 12 inches, and common breeds are corgis, dachshunds, beagles, pekingese, cocker spaniels, shelties, and many terriers.

PlexiDor size Dog Door medium

PlexiDor size large

The large PlexiDor dog door has an opening of 11 3/4 x 16 inches, and it is intended for dogs up to 100 pounds. Common breeds are Labradors, Collies, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Golden Retrievers.

PlexiDor size Dog Door large

PlexiDor size extra large

The extra large PlexiDor dog door has an opening of 16 x 23 3/4 inches and is intended for dogs up to 220 pounds. Larger dogs might be able to use it, depending on their build. Common breeds are Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Old English Sheepdogs, and Irish Wolfhounds.

PlexiDor size Dog Door extra large

More sizing help and information

You can download an overview of sizes – with opening sizes and needed cut holes – with examples of dog breeds and installation heights here.

And naturally, if you need help, contact customer service.

Have you seen the PlexiDor electronic pet door?

PlexiDor Electronic pet door whiteThe PlexiDor Electronic is a unique pet door solution that works well for both dogs and cats. The door has a composite panel that slides up and down, and the panel is controlled by an RFID key attached to the pet’s collar. 

When the pet comes close to the door, the panel slides up. The door will only open for pets with the right key. When the door is closed the panel acts as a security door.

The collar key is waterproof and lacks moving parts, so it is very sturdy while being small enough not to disturb the pet.

See the PlexiDor Electronic dog door and cat door in action in this video:


PlexiDor Pet Doors featured in Window and Door Magazine

PlexiDor pet doors in Window and Door MagazineThe October/November issue of Window and Door Magazine features the PlexiDor Pet door, and mentions that these dog doors and cat doors are shatter resistant with a material specially formulated to resist damage from sunlight, extreme temperatures, and high impact.

The high impact point is particularly important for households with large and giant dogs. There is a lot of energy in a running dog in a hurry to reach the outside, and giant breeds often break other types of doors.

The article also mentions that each panel is lined with industrial grade weather seal for maximum energy efficiency, and that the PlexiDor dog doors and cat doors are created with security in mind.

To read the full feature, click on the image to the right or follow this link.

PlexiDor Pet Doors featured in Business Observer

PlexiDor Pet Doors have been featured in the Florida Business Observer, in an article focusing on business growth and how Joseph Ambrose – company owner – pulled the pet door company out of the recession into a stage of growth. 

The article mentions, “The today at PlexiDor is wrapped around more than 50 lines and varieties of saloon-style, shatter resistant, two-way pet doors that go on the bottom of people doors. Prices range from $163 to $1,249 a door. The products are chew-proof and  made with hardened acrylic panels. The goal is to make something secure, sturdy and energy efficient.”

To read the entire article, click on the image below, or follow this link.


PlexiDor Pet Doors featured in the Florida Business Observer

Teach your pet to use the PlexiDor

Teach your pet to use the PlexiDor pet door largeMost pets take to the PlexiDor pet door, because they can see the outside through the panel, and it is easy for them to open the dog door or cat. Teaching a cat or dog to use the Plexidor pet door usually takes somewhere between a few seconds and a week.

If your cat or dog doesn’t immediately go through the pet door, try propping the panels open and calling for the pet. Put something they really want on the other side, like some stinky treat. The smellier the better, and small pieces of cheese or meat usually does the trick.

Be patient, and praise progress.

When it comes to the electronic PlexiDor pet door, the trick is to get the pet close enough for the panel to open. Place the treat on the bottom lip of the pet door. When your pet approaches to get the treat, the collar key will open the door. Most pets catch on quickly.

Pets are different, just like we are. Some will get it and love their dog door or cat door at first sight, others need a little longer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help!

Pet food contest featured in Fido Friendly Magazine!

The fun PlexiDor contest where a lucky winner will receive 1,000 lbs of dog food has been featured in Fido Friendly Magazine!

The prize will be delivered to the winner’s door – or to a shelter or rescue of their choice. If you haven’t entered yet there’s still time. The contest is open until November 30th.

Fido Friendly Magazine writes, “Here is a FUN contest shared with us by our friends atPlexiDor – Check it out!

PlexiDor, manufacturing high-quality performance pet doors since 1985, is giving away 1,000 lbs of Black Gold Premium Dog Food to a lucky winner, or to the rescue of their choice! Runners up will win Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

Visit and submit a photo of your dog using any dog door.  It doesn’t have to be a PlexiDor.  It’s okay to improvise and be creative!”

PlexiDor photo contest featured in Fido Friendly Magazine

Dog food contest featured on!

Pet Age Magazine recently ran a story on PlexiDors and the fun photo contest where a lucky winner will receive 1,000 lbs of dog food. 

The food will be delivered to the door of the winner, or to a shelter/rescue of their choice. The contest is open until November 30, so there is still time to enter!

Pet Age Magazine writes, PlexiDor is giving away 1,000 pounds ofBlack Gold Premium Dog Food to a winner or to the rescue of their choice.

To enter the contest, consumers must visit /contest-2014/and submit a photo of their dog (or cat) using any dog door. If they don’t have a dog door, improvisation is encouraged.

The contest runs until November 30. Runner-ups will receive Dunkin Donuts gift cards.”

PlexiDor photo contest featured in Pet Age Magazine

PlexiDor contest featured in Pet Business

The PlexiDor contest where one lucky winner will get 1,000 lbs of dog food delivered to their door or to their favorite rescue has been featured in August edition of the Pet Business magazine.


Plexidor photo contest in industry news


If you haven’t entered the contest yet, doing so is fun and easy. All you have to do is submit a photo of your dog using any dog door. First prize is 1,000 lbs of dog food. Runners up win Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

Choose the right pet door size

Choose the Right Pet Door Size - PlexiDor Glass SeriesMany find pet door sizing counter-intuitive. It’s easy to fall into the thought-trap that the dog door needs to be as tall as the dog is, and the right size can look small compared to the dog.

Remember that most dogs bow their head and lift their legs when they go through the door. This means the dog door can be shorter than the dog.

A correctly installed dog door is raised from the floor, making  a threshold for the dog to step over. Look at the image top right.

Why not make the door taller?

It might be an option for a family with fairly small pets. If you have a large dog, that would give an enormous hole in the door or wall. Besides being inefficient, a door panel the size of a Great Dane would be very heavy for the dog to open.

What if I have smaller and larger pets?

The PlexiDor dog doors are easy to open, and a smaller pet can generally open and use a larger door. You might have to adjust the height from the floor to find a position where the large dog doesn’t have to crouch to get through, and the smaller dog can still reach to get in and out.

PlexiDor dog doors come in sizes from small to extra large, and can accommodate everything from the smallest Chihuahua to an Irish Wolfhound.

Click here to download a size chart with recommended dog weights and dog door measurements. If you have any questions about door sizing, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. They have extensive experience and will help you find the best door for your pets.

PlexiDor pet doors featured in The Calgary Sun

PlexiDor pet doors featured in the Calgary Sun
Click on the image to see full article

The Calgary Sun recently ran a feature on PlexiDor Pet Doors, and readers of the May 17th issue can learn about the doors and see photos. 

The paper says, “For those tired of playing doorman to their dog, there is an answer – even for extra large breeds such as Great Dane, St. Bernard, Old English Sheepdog, Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound, Rottweiler, and Grand Pyrenees.”

The article goes on with describing how the frames of PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are engineered using hardened aluminum that prevents bending, rusting, cracking, and warping.

Combining rugged and durable materials has resulted in a dog door that can take the pounding of large breeds that sometimes hit the door at a  full run.

The Extra Large PlexiDor dog door weighs approximately 18 lbs and can be mounted in a standard household door, or through a wall. The doors come in three colors – silver, white, and bronze. Each door is equipped with a lock, key, and steel security plate.

Click here to see more information on the Extra Large PlexiDor dog door!

PlexiDor Pet Doors featured in the Regina Leader-Post

PlexiDor dog doors and cat doors featured in the Regina Leader PostPlexiDor dog doors and cat doors are becoming quite popular in Canada, because the door stand up to the harsh climate. The pet doors were recently featured in the Regina Leader-Post.

The article mentions how the PlexiDor pet doors feature saloon style doors that won’t require replacement of flaps, that the panels are energy efficient and shatter resistant, and that the doors are made for installation through a household door or a wall.

PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are constructed to provide safe and easy access for pets without the human having to get up and act as doorman. The doors have security features such as lock and key, and a steel security plate, and the electronic door can only be operated by pets with an RF-ID key.

See the entire article here!



PlexiDor Pet Doors featured in the London Free Press

PlexiDor Pet Doors were recently featured in an article in the London Free Press, mentioning how a multitude of items enable dog owners to offer their pets the best.

The article mentions that “we seem to finally have reached a point where we no longer have to justify a devotion to our pets” and continues with explaining how pet-friendly people nowadays don’t care how others feel about them and their pets.

The portion about the PlexiDor dog doors and cat door reads:

“If Snoopy or Garfield were to go outside on their own, the options for pet doors were once very limited. You had the flap and you had the squeeze, but nothing that matched the quality of the windows and doors on the rest of your house.

Now pet door sizes range from kitten to pony and are made from durable products, warranted against failure. You can still buy the vinyl flap, but it’s hardly an option for a Canadian winter. These days doors are lockable, durable and claim to stand up to whatever the Great White North can throw at them.

Manufacturer Plexidor specializes in a shatter resistant saloon-style door with an aluminum frame that’s guaranteed to never warp, rust, bend or crack. If you have the budget and the desire to make Lassie the envy of the neighbourhood, Plexidor’s Electronic Door and Electronic Wall versions feature a programmable panel and other elements akin to a house security system. Concern about a possum or raccoon following your furry family member into the house are eliminated with these particular doors. Only the dog or cat that’s wearing a special pre-programmed collar key will gain access.”

Read the entire article here!