Can a pet door be safe?

Plexidor Dog Door Key helps keep pet doors safeWhen considering pet doors safety, remember to weigh in on security. Security is an important factor in today’s world, and many might hesitate to install a pet door because it is one more opening in the home that might let in unwanted persons. These are valid concerns, and we here at PlexiDor pet doors have taken measures to help you feel safe.

Every PlexiDor dog door and cat door comes with a lock and key. The lock features a steel cam inside a hardened metal cylinder.

The doors also come with a steel security plate that is easily attached to the door frame and can be installed when leaving home for an extended period of time.

For those who wish to use the security plate on an everyday basis, the PlexiDor sliding track system is a convenient accessory. Slide the plate down the track and lock it in place with a handy flip lock feature.

There is also an electronic version of the PlexiDor that will only open for pets with a key. The door is controlled by RFID and the pet carries the key on the collar. When the pet comes close enough to the door it slides open – but only for collar keys with the right combination.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any security concerns you might have.

A pet door can be secure

A Pet Door Can Be Secure - PlexiDorSecurity is a common and natural concern amongst pet owners considering a pet door. Many people think the door will make a permanent opening they won’t be able to lock, and that the pet door will compromise the security of their house if they leave for an extended period of time.

A pet door is an opening in the house, just like a window, or a regular door. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an invitation to robbers and bad people.

All PlexiDor pet doors come with lock and key. All models except for the small PlexiDor – which is too small for a person to get through – are delivered with a steel security plate.

The security plate attaches to the inner frame. It’s either screwed to the frame, or attached through a sliding track system with flip lock feature. Getting through the locked door with attach steel plate would require extensive time and tools.

What about the electronic door?

The electronic door will only open for pets with a key. If the door is closed, the composite panel acts as a security door, and it is very difficult to break through.  The composite material won’t shatter if someone hits it or kicks it, and gaining access to the house through the pet door would require time and tenacity.

Sliding tracks with flip lock

PlexiDor sliding tracks for securing dog doorWhether you leave your home for an extended period, or want added safety every day, the PlexiDor sliding track accessory makes securing your home a breeze.

PlexiDors size medium, large, and extra large are delivered with a steel security plate that screws on to the pet door frame. The plate is a great tool for securing the home, and for signaling to pets that the door is locked. Using the sliding tracks, it takes seconds to mount the plate.

Attaching dog door security plateThe tracks attach to the dog door’s interior frame using just a screw driver, and the security plate slides down to its optimal position. Fasten the plate with the handy flip lock, and it’s done.

The tracks are made from strong and durable aluminum that matches the pet door frame. They are available in silver, white, or bronze, in sizes medium, large, or extra large.

The smallest door does not have a security plate, because it’s too small for a person to get through. Hardware for track installation is included.

German Shepherd with PlexiDor dog door