Testimonial Video

“The PlexiDor dog door is the greatest thing, it really is. It frees you and your dogs with very little heat loss.” Eva Kaufman – Ontario, Canada

“The PlexiDors are fantastic and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I have King Shepherds which hover between 110 and 140 lbs, and they love the freedom of going in and out.”

Elaine Perry – Delaware

“This is our second PlexiDor (new home). We are very impressed with the product.”

C. Smalley -Pennsylvania

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. After six years and all the abuse a big dog can give it the PlexiDor dog door still works great, and it is still silent. I will definitely order a PlexiDor again when the time comes.”

D. Hagerman – Ohio

“The PlexiDor is everything you said it was and more. The nicest part is that it doesn’t allow all the drafts we experienced with our old pet door.”

J. Foster – Florida

 “Thank you! I have loved my PlexiDor dog door for 15 years! Thank you for such a good product!”

P. Jennings – North Carolina

“Thank you for all your excellent service. You are the best! (8 dog household)”

M. Crowley

 “I love my PlexiDor dog door, and my dogs love it even more. We built a new house and have one PlexiDor up and one PlexiDor down the stairs. No more trying to figure out when the dog wants to go out. No more getting up and down, usually at inconvenient times, to let the dog out.”

J. Thomas

 “It is great to deal with a company that is not trying to rip people off. My dogs absolutely love the door. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a good product and an honest company.”

C. Andrade

 “Peace of mind at last. If only I had bought a PlexiDor pet door first instead of the other cheap rubbish, I would have saved pounds.”

Miss P. – South Wales

 “How my dogs and I managed before we bought a PlexiDor I will never know. The best thing I’ve ever bought for my dogs, and they agree.”

Mr. A – Belgium

 “I can’t recommend the PlexiDor dog door highly enough. I tell everyone about the doors, and I must be your number one unpaid salesperson.”

Mr D. – Northants

 “My heating bill has halved now when I don’t have to leave my back door open.”

Mrs. McD. – Aberdeen

 “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! My five retrievers can now choose when to go out for themselves and I don’t have to keep getting up to open the door.”

Mrs L. – Surrey

 “Perfect! Now I have a quiet night’s sleep without hearing the old cat flap banging shut every time one of my seven cats comes or goes.”

Mrs. H. – East Sussex

 “Excellent door, we are very happy with the quality!”

E. Kontes – Connecticut

 “We and our three dogs love the motorized PlexiDor electronic door we got from you.”

R. Preston – Missouri

 “The PlexiDor pet door looks nice on both the inside and outside of the house – better than I thought it would. And we’ve had -34 C this year after it was installed with no draft from the door. The front of the door didn’t feel any cooler than the rest of the wall next to it. Well insulated.”

Kaylendra – Canada

 “Boone, my Brittany, has used one of your PlexiDor dog door wall units for four years. The door is still as good as new, and I’ve performed no maintenance on it. It is flawless.”

J. Rades

 “I installed your PlexiDor dog door 12 years ago. I have four dogs that have access to the door 24 hours a day. Needless to say, this dog door has been used millions of times and I have not had a problem. Thanks for a great product.”

D. Rickman – Arizona

 “I purchased the PlexiDor small pet door for my Smitty Kitty and installed it in a basement window this summer. The cat finds it easy to use and my basement is still nice and warm. Here in Connecticut we have had some -10 wind chill days and no cold air comes through the cat door. Your pet door is a great product!”

V. Maloney – Connecticut

 “Your PlexiDor pet door is the best, especially with multiple dogs. It holds up well under hard use.”

D. Demorest

 “We love the PlexiDor dog door, and it’s great for housebreaking young puppies.”

J. and S. Rembrand

 “The PlexiDor dog door is terrific. I went through four flap-style dog doors I bought at the farm and feed store before  I decided to spend the money and buy a PlexiDor dog door. At the time I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money. I am a believer now. That was eight years ago and my size Large PlexiDor is still going strong, despite the rough use my dogs give it daily. I just wish I bought it sooner.”

A. Flowers – Ohio

 “At the moment we have eight dogs, we’ve had as many as twelve here at one time. We installed the PlexiDor dog door unit in 2001 and it is still going strong. Our dogs are indoor-outdoor as they please, so you can imagine how many times the dogs have gone through the door during the years. A fabulous product, and that seems an understatement. Thank you!”

P. Cahill and T. Brotherton

 “This new PlexiDor dog door is terrific! The rear of my house is no longer cold due to drafts, and it’s easy for my pets to use. Also, it looks much much nicer. This door is worth every penny. Thank you!”

J. Drust

 “The PlexiDor pet door is the best pet door. Moreover, it keeps out the winter wind and cold here on the northern plains. Wind up here often blows a steady 30-40 mph, but the for stays shut and the room warm. We were happy with the security features of the door when we lived in the St. Louis area and were out of town. Now we appreciate the way the door keeps out the cold, wind, rain etc. Customer service people are very nice and helpful. Thank you for your great product, people, and company.”

S. Owen – North Dakota

 “Our ‘smart’ 4 year old Vizsla took to the PlexiDor dog door instantly with no coaxing. His human grandfather is impressed with your engineering and the slick insulation.”

M. Jung – Connecticut

 “We ordered your PlexiDor dog door several months ago and are completely pleased with the product. Keep up the good work. If we were ever to move we will not hesitate to order again. Thank you.”

The Brunots

 “I’ve had one of your Extra Large PlexiDors for several years, and I love it. I’ve had several other cheaper doors over the years, and this door is absolutely worth every penny. In fact, I just this morning recommended it to my boss who is looking for a dog door. Thank you for a great product!”

L. Mills

 “This is our second order of PlexiDor (new house) – we are very pleased with the products and installation support.”

C. Smalley  – Pennsylvania

 “We purchased one of your awesome PlexiDor dog doors last year and my husband installed it by himself in one day. It was the best thing we could ever have done. Our dogs no longer have to be locked in the garage, and we don’t have to leave the garage door open so they can come and go. They are so happy now when they can go in and out whenever they want, and it only took them a few tries to figure it out. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!”

P. and R. Wagner

 “So glad to get our order. The PlexiDor pet door is exactly what we needed.”

Court Street Vet Clinic, Kansas

 “Ordered by phone. Great customer service. Everyone I spoke with were very friendly and helpful.”

M. Smith – Georgia