The Akita, a Working Dog

The brave, noble Akita is highly loyal. The Akita was originally bred to protect royalty and nobility in medieval Japan. They were also used to track and hunt game animals like wild boar and black bear. Due to their breeding, they are courageous, fiercely devoted to their humans and extremely protective.

They have a commanding presence standing 24-28 inches tall at the shoulder. Akitas are muscular and Females are 70-100 pounds, while males weigh in between 100-130 pounds. Akitas are characterized by a broad, large head, erect ears, and a tail that curls over their backs.

The Akita in snow
The Akita in snow

Other attributes of the Akita include:

  • their coats are known to be of many different colors including black, brown, fawn, brindle, white and silver.
  • The Akita has a dense double coat over a muscular, thick-boned structure.
  • They typically wear a mask-like marking on their face
  • They do not bark much, instead they have their own unique vocalizations
  • Live 10-14 years

Akitas are clean, almost fastidious dogs. They have little odor. They require minimal grooming, just a brushing once a week. They do shed profusely twice a year and brushing more often is recommended to remove the dead coat. As with all dogs, keep nails short and maintain proper dental hygiene.

The Akita loves to play. They are energetic and fun, but are not highly active. They only have moderate exercise needs. A jog or vigorous walk for 15-20 minutes daily is adequate. They are fond of playing, however, and do enjoy a good game of tug-of-war or a romp around the yard.

It is key to begin training your Akita from puppyhood. They have an independent nature and can be stubborn. As natural protectors, they will need to be socialized around many other people and animals early and often to learn not to perceive them as a threat. They have a strong prey drive and should never be off leash in an open area. They can be aggressive toward other dogs, especially males, as well.

Akitas are loyal protectors of their family, In Japan, they are revered as symbols of good health, happiness, and long life. The Akita should be socialized around all types of situations, people and animals from a young age to teach them they are not a threat and to make them comfortable around these scenarios.

While Akitas Thrive on human companionship and prefer to be with their human, they are not good with children they do not know and not good with strangers. Akitas should be kept apart from other animals, especially other male dogs.

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