Three common cat care mistakes

Everyone wants the best for their pets, but since we’re different species it can be difficult to figure out what the best really is. Here are three common cat care mistakes.

1. Never punish or frighten your cat

Cats are sensitive, and they’re definitely not human. Yelling at cats, hitting them, or scaring them does not work to change behavior. It will just leave your cat thinking you’re a horrible thing that should be avoided. Scared cats are stressed, and can lead to illness in the long run.

Shape your cat’s behavior with praise and treats. Cats like calm and predictable environments where they can be relaxed and happy while enjoying their calm and predictable humans.

2. Don’t use products made for humans, dogs, or horses on your cat

Cats have specific needs, and they’re sensitive to many things we don’t give a second thought. Only use products labeled for cats, and read the label carefully. Products created for adult cats might not be safe for kittens.

Never give a cat aspirin or tylenol, or flea-control products made for dogs. Also keep an eye on how your cat behaves around plants – many plants and flowers are toxic to cats. If your cat shows a tendency to chew plants, provide some safe cat grass.

3. Don’t overfeed your cat

Obesity is a huge problem for pets in the USA, and overfeeding leads to a wide variety of problems from diabetes to arthritis. If your cat is overweight, make sure that you measure the cat food, only feed cat food, and say no to begging. Keeping your cat’s weight in check can add years to his or her life span.

It is also important to know that dogs can eat cat food, but cats should not eat dog food. Cats have very specific nutrient needs that can only be satisfied through eating meat – they lack the ability to create some nutrients.

Grayish-brown cat eating from a teal bowl. Cat care mistakes possible here would be feeding a cat dog food.