Pet Door through Wall | Extra Large Dog Door

PlexiDor Wall Units can be installed into stud, brick, block or cement exterior walls up to 12 inches thick. Each wall unit includes an aluminum tunnel that connects the interior and exterior frame. The tunnel materials ensure a professional fit and finish that provides a quality appearance.


Extra Large Wall Unit(Item: PD WALL XL)

The panels on the PlexiDor extra large dog doors are virtually indestructible. Designed to accommodate large dogs up to 220 lbs that like to chew, the dog door panels are manufactured using a solid 3/8 inch thick sheet of shatter resistant acrylic. They are also equipped with a factory installed chew proof aluminum trim around all four edges.

This dog door is made for large dogs, but the panels still swing open so easily that smaller pets can open the doggie door without problems. The panels are self-closing and seal tight, keeping weather outside and saving on the heating and cooling bill.

Size chart with measurements.