Manufacturing the world’s highest quality dog door begins by using the highest quality components.  PlexiDor is the dog door that meets building codes in all states and Canada.  Florida Product Approval #FL41814.  The PlexiDor is approved in all Florida counties except Broward and Dade.  It is a storm dog door that can stop flying debris.  It is the ‘Hurricane Dog Door’ just not a Miami hurricane dog door.

Pet doors with a flap have a high rate of failure and need replacing often. PlexiDor’s shatter resistant saloon style panels are made from our exclusive K9 COMPOSITE™, a material similar to aircraft windshields. Cross-section reveals dual thermo-pane construction designed for strength and insulation. Durability to defy the elements, extreme climates and the most powerful dogs. Never replace a flap again.

No replacing soft plastic or vinyl flap

The tops and sides of each panel are lined with high density industrial weather seal for maximum energy efficiency. This helps keep your summer air conditioning and winter heating inside your home saving you money every month.

High density industrial weather seal

Heavy duty aluminum frames will not rust, bend, crack or warp. Corners are reinforced to keep their shapes even after years of heavy use. Frame finishes feature baked-on white or bronze, a similar finish like the appliances in your home. Silver finish is anodized.

Heavy-duty aluminum frames

High performance springs took PlexiDor engineers 5 years to develop. To maintain their cycles, each spring is superheated to 500 degrees. The spring is warranted for a period of 10 years. The design exceeds the industry standard by 10 times.

High performance springs

Spring assemblies are protected by ABS caps that have been designed to prevent dust, dirt, sand and dog hair from interfering with their operation. The spring is warranted for a period of 10 years.

ABS caps

Producing a safe and secure pet door for your family is our highest priority. Each door comes with a lock and key, and 20-guage steel security plate for added safety and to help prevent access. Attach the plate when leaving your home for extended periods.

Safe and secure pet door

Quality Through and Through

1. Shatter resistant saloon style K9 COMPOSITE panels

The shatter resistant saloon style panels are manufactured using K9 COMPOSITE™ which is specially formulated to resist damage from sunlight, extreme temperatures and high impact. The precision panels make it easy for your pet to exit and enter while providing maximum energy efficiency for your home. The tinted panels also provide a window for your pet.

2. Durable Frames

The inside and outside frames are made from extremely durable anodized aluminum, so they’ll never rust, bend, crack or warp. They’re easy to clean and match any décor. Choose between our popular silver finish or baked-on scratch-resistant white or bronze finishes.

3. Maximum Energy Efficiency

Save up to 10% on your monthly energy bill. PlexiDor’s K9 COMPOSITE dual thermo-pane panels are lined with high density nylon pile weather seal to prevent drafts. Our panels keep the summer heat and winter cold where they belong – outside!

4. Open and Close with a Gentle touch

Panels open smoothly with a light touch and close automatically so small dogs and cats can use any size door – perfect for families with multiple pets. The doors are ultra-quiet thanks to special heavy-duty springs concealed inside the frame. No more banging flaps to startle you or your pet.

Our Features

Replacement flaps are the biggest expense of low quality vinyl flap doors. PlexiDor saloon style panels will never shrink, fade or crack. Each panel is manufactured to withstand damage from extreme temperatures, UV / IR sunlight and heavy impact. The panels open and close quietly without banging. PlexiDor is the least expensive pet door to own over its lifetime.

No Replacement Flaps

PlexiDor Pet Doors are designed to help save energy. Each panel is lined with industrial grade weather seal around all four edges to reduce air conditioning and heat loss. Whether you live in the hot desert climate of Arizona or in the frigid cold of Alaska, a PlexiDor will save you money.

Energy Efficiency

The door, wall, and glass series come with a cylinder lock ‐ simply turn the key to lock the rigid panels into place at night. Medium and larger doors also come with a 20 gauge steel security plate that can only be removed from inside the home. The Electronic series only opens for the RFID keys, and when inactive its composite panel door serves as a security plate.

Security Features

Your family will enjoy the peace of mind that a PlexiDor Pet Door will provide, like freedom from the worry of damage to your floors and carpets. Your pet will love the freedom to relieve themselves anytime, either while you are away or at home involved with other tasks.

Peace of Mind

PlexiDor offers three elegant colors to compliment your home; Silver, White or Bronze. The frames are manufactured of anodized aluminum for a beautiful silver finish. The white and bronze frame finishes are baked on the surface for increased durability over plastic or paint.

Color Choices

Our doors' extreme durability is thanks to a specially developed K-9 Composite™ exclusive to the PlexiDor. These precision, shatter-resistant panels make it easy for your pet to enter and exit while providing maximum energy efficiency for your home.

K-9 Composite™


Testimonials from Our Happy Clients!

They have stood up to the beating the dogs give them. They keep the heat in the winter and flies out in the summer.

Alex Pierson [Ontario, Canada]

I've had my PlexiDor since 2000 and it is super tough. My 85 pound Weimaraners blast though the dog door with mammoth bones and there is still not single scratch on the door panels. My toy Fox Terrier can use it with ease as well. It is the perfect dog door! I love it so much that i plan on adding a second PlexiDor in another location soon.

C. Tynes [Mississippi]

Our life has been heaven and the reduction in air conditioning bills will more than pay for itself in no time. I just can’t say enough about how happy we are with the PlexiDor and all it’s done for our ‘doggy’ boys and us.

Charles and Bonnie Wallace [Weatherford, Texas]

I just wanted to say that i installed your PlexiDor 12 years ago. I have four dogs that have access to this door 24 hours a day. Needless to say the door has been used millions of times and i have not had the first problem. Thanks for a great product.

D. Rickman [Arizona]

Our PlexiDor looks nice both inside and outside of the house. It is better than i had thought. We've had temperatures of -34° C since it was installed and i didn't feel any draft from the door. The front doesn't feel any cooler than the rest of the wall around it. Well insulated.

Kaylendra [British Columbia, Canada]

I have had your PlexiDor for several years now. Here in Las Vegas our summer heat exceeds 115 degrees. In the summer, your doors allow the entry way to remain cool and keep the dust under control.

Michael Bialac [Las Vegas, Nevada]

We've had a PlexiDor for eight years and are amazed at how well it has withstood the pounding of three extremely active Australian Cattle Dogs. These dogs charge through this door at a full run and somehow it has survived, which is more than i can say for most things they get near. Love the door and highly recommend it.

Mike Cogswell [Virginia]

We love this door and so does our seven month old Cairn Terrier MacDuff. We really are impressed with how well the door seals itself. There is absolutely no draft. Truly an exceptional product! Thank you.

Val Berreth & Ian McIntosh [Calgary, Alberta, Canada]