Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or “Toller” for short, is ranked fourth overall of the six retriever breeds in popularity. It is ranked 83rd overall of the 197 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. The word “toller” comes from their ability to entice waterfowl within gunshot range by frolicking in the shallow waters and along the shoreline. As a hunting dog, they were specifically bred for this task and are unique for it. Ducks are attracted to the sight of red foxes and move in closer to investigate them. Ducks mistake Tollers for a fox on the shore and become an easy target for the hunter’s rifle.

The Duck Tolling Retriever characteristically has white markings on its face, tail, chest and/or feet.

They are the smallest of the retrievers and more agile than most. Their athletic, compact body frame allows them to run and jump about tirelessly retrieving, always happy, with their tail wagging. Often mistaken for a small Golden Retriever, Tollers are affectionate and outgoing, but only weigh between 40-50 pounds and are an average of 19 inches tall depending on sex. A large PlexiDor Dog Door would be the best fit for this breed.

They are working animals, bred primarily for hunting, and happiest when they have a job to do. Eager to please, Tollers make good search and rescue animals. They were bred to retrieve from icy waters and have a water-repellent, double coat of medium length fur with a soft, dense undercoat. They also have webbed feet which makes them even better at maneuvering in water. Toller retrievers can be any shade of red from light golden red to coppery dark red.  A white marking on the face, tip of the tail, feet or chest is characteristic for this breed.

Tolling Retrievers need lots of exercise. They have lots of energy and will need to use it up playing and retrieving. You can’t throw the ball just once for a Toller. The game may never end, especially around water. They love the water!

Affectionate family dogs, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are gentle and good with children and other dogs and pets. They are intelligent and learn fast making them easy to train. Tollers have a unique, shrill bark known as the “Toller scream”. They can be quite vocal when excited, but is not a “barker”. They are low maintenance dogs requiring only a weekly brushing.

When choosing supplies for your active Toller, don’t overlook a dog door providing convenient access to the backyard for these vibrant dogs. You will need a product that is durable, warrantied, guaranteed and energy efficient for all the coming and going they will want to do. A PlexiDor Dog Door is the perfect fit. Contact our Customer Service department or call 888-PETDOOR to get any of your questions answered. Our service specialists are standing by!

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