Great Gifts for the Dog This Christmas

There’s just a couple of days to go before the big day and there are a ton of cool gadgets and great gifts for the dog to make Fido’s day bright. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites for under the tree this year.

  • With the iFetch Too your dog can play ball all by himself. It launches old tennis balls up to 40 feet. You just need to teach your dog to drop their ball in the top when they bring it back and they could play for hours.

This could be more of a gift more for you than the dog, but take a look at this Petosan double-headed electric toothbrush. It’s super quiet so it won’t cause stress.

The GPS-enabled Whistle tracks your dog’s daily activity and rest, similar to your fitbit, but it also can pinpoint their location. It’s perfect for the stressful occasion when they get lost. The GPS monitoring is an additional $7 monthly subscription.

The CleverPet Hub was designed by neuroscientists and keeps your pets engaged and rewarded with treats when they solve increasingly complex light puzzles.

Perhaps give your dog a way to call for you…  How about a doorbell your dog can push when he needs to go potty, go for a walk, for a ride…     the possibilities are limitless. The perfect way to turn ourselves into our dog’s valets. The Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 is easy to mount to the wall and fortunately easy for your dog to use.

Our favorite way to keep your home secure and make potty time convenient for dog and owner alike is the PlexiDor Electronic Dog Door. It’s available for dogs up to 125 lbs and comes in white and bronze finish. An RFID chip placed on the dog’s collar operates the automatic door which can be placed in any exterior door or stud wall. It can also be installed in brick, block and cement walls up to 12 inches thick. It’s manufactured right here in the USA and has a five year warranty. 

Dog going through PlexiDor Electronic dog door

Those are our six top gifts for the dog of 2020. Fun electronic gadgets to make your dog’s, and perhaps your life easier, more manageable and a little more enjoyable. From all of us at PlexiDor Dog Doors, we wish you a Merry Christmas to you and yours. Stay warm, safe and healthy this holiday season!

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