Are your dog doors hurricane rated?

Hurricanes are a fact of life in the American Southeast and along the East Coast; especially in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, the Carolinas and further North. Hurricanes are becoming more and more prevalent in the Northeast as well. A hurricane rated dog door is of importance to those that live in these regions. It is important to check the hurricane rating of a dog door before purchasing if you live in an area regularly affected by hurricanes.

What makes a hurricane rated dog door?

To make a hurricane rated dog door, you install a removable hurricane shutter over the dog door on the exterior.  Hurricane shutters are made in all kinds of custom sizes.  The hurricane shutter has been tested to be hurricane rated and stand up to the winds of a hurricane from 74 miles per hour on the low end and up to 156 miles per hour or more. This would make the dog door hurricane rated.

If you expect extreme weather, lock your PlexiDor Dog Door and attach the security plate.

While the PlexiDor panels are designed to open at a gentle touch, the springs can keep them closed at wind speeds up to 30 miles per hour. If you expect any type of extreme weather with winds stronger than this, your pets shouldn’t be unsupervised outside. Securing the door is the best for both your home and your pets.

Include your pets in your emergency plans and never leave them alone behind – they depend on you. The CDC has emergency planning lists for cats and dogs.

While the PlexiDor Dog Door does not come with an exterior hurricane shutter, there is an included security plate that provides additional protection from the elements in case of extreme weather. This security plate secures over the dog door on the interior of the house. In the case of wind speeds above 30 miles per hour it is recommended to secure your dog door with plywood or some other reinforcement.

In summation, the PlexiDor Dog Door does not qualify as a hurricane rated dog door due to the lack of an external cover. However, it will keep the weather out in winds up to 30 miles per hour.

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