Bulldogs can’t swim

Summer is turning to fall, but large parts of the USA are still blazing hot, and it’s still season for beaches, boats, and pools. Whenever water is involved it’s important to know that not all dogs can swim.

Dogs will automatically paddle when they are in water, but some breeds are so front heavy that it doesn’t do them any good. Bulldogs, for instance, cannot swim. A Bulldog in water will sink, no matter how much they try to stay afloat.

Bulldogs are the worst breed when it comes to water, but all breeds with large, heavy chests and short muzzles have problems swimming. It’s also worth noting that even amongst breeds who generally love to swim some individuals will have an aversion to water.

If you are by the beach or on a boat, it’s a great idea to get a life vest for your furry companion. If you have a Bulldog and a pool or pond, make sure the water is fenced off. There are also emergency monitors that will alert if something breaks the surface of the water. If you Bulldog falls in he won’t be able to stay afloat, and he won’t be able to get out of the water.

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