Do you Doga?

Doga is Yoga, with dogs. It combines massage and meditation with stretching, and is good for both dogs and humans. There are video classes allowing people to learn at home, and many places now offer classes where dogs and people can Doga together.

In Doga, dogs and humans work together as one unit. The humans help their dogs get into different poses, and in some cases the pets are used as instruments or weights as the humans perfect their poses. The dogs usually take to this quickly. Watch a dog stretch; it looks like a Yoga position.

Opponents of the idea claim that Doga trivializes sacred and ancient practices, and that the dogs interfere with participants’ concentration. Proponents claim that the practice is perfect, because it emphasizes unity and connection, strengthens the bond between person and pet, and might get some people to move who ordinarily wouldn’t.

Whether Doga should be considered “real” Yoga or not probably depends on the participants. Either way, it gives an excuse to do something together, to bond, stretch, and hopefully find harmony.


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