Doggie oopsie forces plane to land

Sometimes nature calls and you can’t do anything about it; if you gotta go, you gotta go. This was the dilemma faced by a service dog accompanying its handler on a plane from Los Angeles to Philadelphia last week.

On a plane, humans can use the restroom, even if its small. Dogs don’t have that luxury, and there’s no outside to be had, so the dog did what it had to do in the middle of the aisle. The crew did the best they could to clean up the mess, but there is a limited amount of fresh air on planes. Passengers were soon turning to social media to complain about the stench.

Then, just as everything seemed to settle down, the dog had to go again. By now the smell was so bad that sensitive passengers were throwing up, and the crew ran out of paper towels for cleaning up. The pilot made an executive decision and decided to land at the Kansas City International Airport.

A cleaning crew went through the cabin, and the dog was finally able to take care of its needs outside.

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