Ever wonder how far away your cat goes?

The Cat Tracker is a new mapping project that encourages cat owners to put GPS collars on their cats in order to monitor their habits. The information can give new insight into cat behavior, and help conservationists save wildlife. Anyone in the USA, New Zealand, or Australia can participate. 

There are at least 95 million pet cats in the USA and millions more feral cats, and ecologists are concerned about their impact on wildlife.  The project will show whether cats in general kill wildlife routinely, or if just some cats engage in this. It can also help show whether cats that do kill and eat during their outdoor adventures have a higher incidence of parasites, and if these parasites are dangerous to humans.

The project will also track cats’ habits – some have been known to live with more than one household – and how large their areas are. A similar project tracked a cat with a home range of more than 1,300 acres. Does your cat stay close to home, or does he/she roam?

In order to participate in the program, the cat must be yours, and it needs to spend time both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, local leash laws must be observed.

If you want to learn more about the cat tracker project, click here!

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