Five interesting cat facts

Singapura is the world's smallest cat breed. Cats are great companions, but their behavior can be puzzling. For example, why do they love cardboard boxes so much?

In the wild, cats like to claim locations as their own, and they like to be in enclosed spaces. This is what we see today when a cat climbs into a narrow cardboard box.

Computer keyboards also hold a special allure to cats. It is a thing to claim as theirs, laptop keyboards are often warm and comfy, and humans touch keyboards all the time, which makes them special.

And why do cats always climb on the one person allergic to them?

Many cats gravitate towards people who are allergic or don’t like cats. This seems counterproductive, but cats play it safe and often choose to approach people who aren’t trying to get their attention. When a cat doesn’t know a human, gestures and calls can feel like pressure to perform, or even seem threatening. A person who doesn’t want a cat on their lap can be interpreted as safer.

Why do cats drink out of glasses or even the sink instead of the water bowl?

This too comes from their behavior in nature. Cats will avoid drinking from a water source close to something dead, because the water can be contaminated. This instinct remains. They will choose water as far away from their store-bought food as possible, to make sure it’s clean and healthy. Put the water bowl in another corner than the food bowl, and kitty will probably like it better.

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