Fun facts about dogs

Love dogs? Here are some fun facts about dogs you might not know.

Ever wonder why you can’t outrun your dog even on the best of days? The average dog can run around 19 mph. The Greyhound is generally considered the fastest dog breed, and they can reach speeds of 45 mph over shorter distances. When it comes to long-distance running, the Saluki is the fastest. They “only” run 43 mph, but they can keep that up for miles.

Smaller, but super-quick, the Whippet is also amongst the top speeding dogs. A Whippet can run 200 yards in 12 seconds.

The Border Collie might not be a breed many associate with speed, but they have physical abilities to match the role of super-smart workaholic. These dogs can make hairpin turns, keep control and speed while throwing themselves into a new direction, and keep a pace of 30 mph. A herding Border Collie can easily run 50 miles in a day.

Dogs aren’t just fast when it comes to running – an average dog can locate the source of a sound in 6/100ths of a second. They also hear a larger range of frequencies than a human, and are estimated to hear about four times better than humans. Many dogs dislike loud noises – if it’s loud to us, it’s really loud to them.

Many dog owners claim their dogs speak to them. Dogs can indeed show emotions through their face, and have around 100 different facial expressions to accompany a long row of different vocal sounds.

Border Collie

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