How much does a cat sleep?

Cats seem to sleep all the time. They’re experts at enjoying life and make stretching out for a nap in a ray of sunshine seem like the epitome of joy.

The average cat sleeps fifteen hours a day, and some nap as much as twenty. The only well known animals sleeping more than cats are bats and opposum.

So, why do they sleep so much?

Cats are born hunters, and all that skulking about in the shadows and pouncing on pray, whether it’s real or imagined, uses up enormous amounts of energy. The large amounts of sleep is reserve energy for running, climbing, and creeping.

Cats are also most active during the twilight hours between dawn and dusk. Luckily they are both sociable and adaptable, and quite able to adjust their sleeping habits to be awake when their human is awake and home.


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