International Assistance Dog Week

service dog The International Assistance Dog Week is celebrated August 3 to August 9 2014. The event was created to celebrate all the devoted and hard working dogs that help individuals around the world every day.

The goals of the week is to recognize and honor assistance dogs, to raise awareness and educate, honor the trainers, and recognize heroic deeds performed by assistance dogs.

Assistance dogs can be pure bred or mutts. Many come from shelters. Regardless of size and color they all have one thing in common: they change the lives of their handlers and provide independence. They often make the difference between isolation and an active life. Examples of assistance dogs include Guide Dogs, Hearing dogs, and Service dogs.

These fantastic dogs can guide a blind handler safety through traffic, hear alarms, alert for seizures, and some are even trained to do household chores. They can learn to fetch items, pull a wheelchair, open and close doors, alert for high or low blood sugar, and a long number of other important tasks. Assistance dogs offer hope, dignity, and independence.

Don’t approach working dogs. Leave them alone to do their job. For company owners it is important to know that assistance dogs are allowed to accompany their humans to all places open to the general public – including restaurants and shops. While an assistance dog can wear an identifying vest, this is not a requirement.

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