Is a cat cafe coming to a city near you?

Cats have personalities just like peopleCat cafés are wildly popular in parts of Asia, and the trend is spreading across the globe. The first cat cafe in the USA has opened in New York, and more are expected in San Francisco and Oregon later this year.

So, what is a cat cafe?

It is a loneliness-curing, stress-relieving cafe with cats.

The first cat cafe started in Taiwan over ten years ago, and the concept quickly spread to Japan where inhabitants embraced it. Today, Japan has at least 150 cat cafes.

These establishments are so popular that visitors have to book seats in advance. When Dinah’s Cat Emporium opened in London, 20,000 people water to enter a 30-seat cafe. They are booked until fall this year.

Many people in cities aren’t able to keep pets, but the human species still has an urge to be close to animals. The cat cafes offer a chance to sit down, relax, talk to other people who like cats, and maybe even pet one.

What do you think? Would you visit a cat cafe?

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