Kitty cam success

KittensWhen John Bartlett set up a webcam to watch his foster kittens, he did not expect to become a worldwide phenomenon. His camera shows kittens eating, sleeping, rolling around, and other pretty uneventful stuff that cats do.

The camera has become a great success; the website reports that Bartlett has hundreds of people watching sleeping cats for hours.

Watching the cats help people all around the world de-stress. People Magazine posted a link to his site, and and he now has over 20,000 regular viewers.

The cam has led to even more than that: cat lovers have started talking in chats while watching the footage, and recently a convention of cat fans from all around the globe met in Seattle. The web cam inspired people to come all the way from Australia to talk about cats.

Barlett fosters for Purrfect Pals, and his goal with the kitty cam is to get attention for the rescue and the important role fosters play in the lives of homeless pets. He says every cat that has been featured on the camera has been adopted, and he has found homes for nearly 200 kittens.


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