Pet Guinness World Record Holders

Many dream of getting into the Guinness Book of Records, and some records are right out weird. Here are some pets who succeeded with unexpected records:

1. Longest tongue
Puggy is a male Pekingese holding a record for current longest dog tongue. His tongue measures 4.5 inches, which is very long for a Pekingeses. The longest dog tongue on record overall belonged to a boxer whose tongue was 17 inches long.

2. Most tennis balls in mouth
Many dogs like tennis balls. Golden retriever girl Augie likes them more than most do; she has the record for successfully gathering and holding five tennis balls in her mouth at the same time.

3. Longest cat
The world’s longest cat is called Stewie, and he measures 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail bone. (That’s just over 4 feet.)

4. Most flying discs caught
This record goes to Rose, a Labrador – Border Collie mix. She can catch and hold seven separately thrown frisbees without dropping one.

5: Most balloons popped
Anastasia is a Jack Russell Terrier who likes to pop balloons. She got 100 balloons in 44.9 seconds.

6: Highest jump
Cinderella May is a greyhound who likes to jump. She clears 68 inches (almost 5.7 feet).

7: Water glass balancing
Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix Sweet Pea holds the record of “most steps walked down by a dog facing forward while glancing a 5-ounce glass of water.” She made it ten steps.

8. Soda can balancing
This record also goes to Sweet Pea. She walked 100 meters with a can balanced on her head in two minutes and 55 seconds.

9. Loudest purr
Some cats purr loudly. Smokey purr loudest of them all with a measured 67.7 decibels. He has also been recorded with a 92.7 decibel purr; equivalent to a hairdryer.

10. Dogs skipping rope
The Super Wan Wan Circus in Japan is the home of Uchida Geinousha’s dogs. They are the main attraction, and hold the world record for most dogs skipping rope with 13 dogs at the same time.


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