Pet treat makers create fund to compensate dog owners

With over 10,000 pet deaths related to jerky treats and a further near 5,000 complaints about illness, two of the nation’s largest makers of the treats now agree to establish a $6.5 million fund to compensate dog owners who believe their animals were harmed.

The fund is a result of a class action lawsuit between pet owners in several states, Nestle Purina PetCare Co and Waggin’ Train LLC. If the settlement is approved, it will also require manufacturers to take on “enhanced quality measures” when it comes to treats made in China, and to modify the text on packages.

Neither of the manufacturers admit the treats might be tainted. According to NBC News, the settlement is just to “bring the litigation to a prompt and certain resolution.”

Pet supply firms such as PetSmart and PetCo have already announced that they will no longer sell pet treats made in China. The FDA has warned consumers about the treats since 2007. Despite extensive testing, no direct cause for the problems has been found.

You can see the settlement and press release here.


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