Petco withdraws pet treats made in China

Petco withdraws pet treats from China. Cases like this have made the news for several years. The first cases were reported in 2007, and ever since they have been connected to pet deaths, but authorities have been unable to pinpoint exactly what is wrong. By now, over 1,000 dogs are reported dead in connection with Chinese jerky treats, and Petco has decided to withdraw all pet treats made in China.

Petco has over 1,300 stores nationwide, and the Chinese treats will be removed from each one, including Unleashed by Petco and online at The process will be completed before the end of the year.

According to a recent FDA report, over 4,800 complaints have come in regarding chicken, duck, and sweet potato jerky treats from China. These reports mostly involve dogs falling sick, but also 24 cats and three people.

The FDA cautions pet owners that jerky pet treats are not required for a balanced diet, and to consult with a veterinarian before feeding this type of treats and if noticing any symptoms. Follow this link to learn how to report a complaint to the FDA.

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