Police dog sniffing out computer hardware

Dogs help law enforcement in many different ways, but few would have predicted the talent golden labrador Thoreau uses in his service to the Rhode Island state police. Thoreau has been taught to sniff out hard drives, flash drives, and other computer components.

This is of value to the police in the fight against child pornography. Storage devices with evidence are small enough to be hidden in places where the officers can’t find them, which allows child pornographer to go free. Thoreau can join in on a search warrant and find object impossible for a human to detect.

Thoreau is new on the job after five months of specialized training, and has already helped secure an arrest warrant. He found a flash drive with child porn stashed deep inside a metal filing cabinet.

The four-legged crime fighter was trained in Connecticut at a program that currently trains over 60 dogs in different types of detection work.

Thoreau is a computer hardware detector dog
Image from providence journal.com

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