“Rent a rescue dog” leads to adoptions

The Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah, has a new attraction. The Pound Puppy Hike matches guests with a local shelter dog for hiking and similar activities. The dogs come from the Aspen Animal Shelter that welcomes volunteers and loans dogs for a stroll through town or a daylong hike. 

These outings serve a double purpose. The dogs get exercise and socialization, and many are adopted.

Some of the pet-friendly Aspen hotels waive their pet fees for anyone who invites a shelter dog to spend the night. A couple of the hotels also provide shuttle service to and from the shelter.

Fairmount hotels have caught on, and at eight hotels around the country “canine ambassadors” greet guests and can be booked for walks or runs around town. The dogs are a bonus for younger guests and for travelers longing for their own pets.

Other hotels offer cats for company, or even fish.

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