Slimkitty, new blog for cat lovers

Slimkitty is a new blog for cat lovers, inspiring cat owners to exercise their cats and make sure they have the right types and amounts of food to keep kitty’ weight down. 

58 percent of cats in the US are overweight – 5 percent more than the corresponding perc Cat entage for dogs. At the same time there are ten percent more obese cats in the US than there are obese dogs. Being overweight can lead to a row of health problems in the cat, such as diabetes and joint problems.

Slimkitty is a sister site to The latter contains everything from ratings of dog food to fitness and fun, and the intention is that will hold the same position, but aimed at cats.

Cats and dogs have completely different forms of metabolism, and this makes it harder for cats to lose weight. Cats cannot go on crash diets. If a cat’s food intake is significantly and rapidly depressed there’s a risk for Hepatic Lipidosis, a potentially life-threatening condition.

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