Suffolk DA hires comfort dog

Many victims of crime, especially children, are too traumatized to talk about what happened, but talking is required to solve the situation. A Suffolk District Attorney has found a new way to help victims relax: Indy, a 2 year old Golden Retriever.

Indy is trained to comfort people in emotional distress, and he is the first facility dog to work in a governmental agency in New England. He is donated by Canine Companions for Independence, and he has a knack for building trust and relaxing the people who need it the most.

Each service dog placed by Canine Companions cost over $45,000 to raise and train. The dogs undergo intensive training,learning over 50 commands, and each dog is recertified every year.

Indy can open doors and pick up items, helping people with physical  tasks, but his greatest talent is for emotional support. He has already made a big difference for victims in Suffolk, and his duties might well be expanded. Read more on the Boston Globe!

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