Why do dogs eat grass?

Most dogs graze away at plants and grass at some point in their life. But why? Many dog owners believe the habit is solely to throw up, and a dog gulping down large amounts of grass might be doing it for that reason; the grass blade tickles the throat and stomach lining. In most cases though, dogs nibble on grass and chew on it for a while.

Dogs aren’t exactly carnivores. For tens of thousands of years dog ancestors ate anything and everything that fulfilled their basic dietary requirements. For essential nutrients not available in meat, wild canines eat fruits, berries, and other vegetables. Domesticated dogs generally only have grass to choose from.

If your dog is very interested in eating grass or even plants, consider introducing natural herbs and cooked vegetables into the diet. Outside greenery can contain pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals from the household’s gardening or the neighbor’s yard work. In addition, many plants are poisonous.