Ten signs you’re a dog person

Girl and dogIf you have a dog – or several – life tends to revolve around the furry friend. Here are ten signs you’re a dog person.

1. Your house is littered with old tennis balls, chewed toys, squeaky stuffed animals, rawhide bones, and maybe even sticks from a nearby tree.

2. All efforts to keep windows clean fail – the nose art just keeps reappearing.

3. You know the names of dogs in the neighborhood, but not of the people.

4. You’re always finding empty plastic bag in your pockets and purse.

5. People with dogs are more attractive than people without dogs.

6. If someone says they don’t like dogs you don’t find them trustworthy.

7. You don’t care what happens to people in movies, but you worry the dog might die.

8. ASPCA commercials make you cry.

9. Your dog gets wrapped Christmas presents, and maybe even their own birthday cakes.

10. When you travel, you miss your dog more than your family.

Did we miss any points in the list?

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