Traveling with pets and medical needs

Dogs, cats, and other pets are good for a person’s health. They create a sense of stability, they are good company, reduce stress, combat depression, and lower blood pressure. Pets are particularly good for the elderly.

Med Transport Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, took these facts into account when they planned their new service; medically equipped motor homes that come with two drivers and a nurse. Besides providing physical comfort, pets are welcome to travel with the guest.

Traveling out of state or across the country can be necessary and harrowing, especially for a person suffering dementia. Being able to bring a pet can give comfort and provide a sense of stability.

Smaller animals travel best in a crate, and larger dogs need to be on a leash.

Besides transportation to and from medical facilities the company also offers a vacation option to help someone with special medical needs experience the country, along with their pets. Dogs are the most common guests on the trips, but cats and birds have also tagged along.


Pets are good for the health

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