Sunshine story: Penny the Vizsla is home after 2400 mile road trip!

Penny is a 7 month old Vizsla who just came home after the adventure of a life time. She got lost in Royal City late December, and while her owners did everything to find her – including creating a Facebook page dedicated to finding her and bringing her home – Penny was on a road trip.

A kind truck driver saw her and picked her up, and she tagged along with him all the way to Pittsburgh, Pa. When his job was done he took Penny to an animal clinic where they scanned her microchip and were able to contact their owners.

Of course, Penny’s adventures weren’t over, because by now she was far from home. The puppy’s luck held and Alaska Airlines flew her home for free.

Make sure your pets have identification, and that your name, address, and phone number are updated. Even the most well behaved pet can get distracted by something. It only takes a couple of seconds for them to dash down the road in pursuit of a bird, squirrel, or something else.

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