Hero dog to the rescue

Rocky the Rottweiler is a British hero dog who not only saved his family from armed robbers, but also held one of them until police arrived. The thug is now serving a ten year prison sentence.

The incident happened when Kasha Marie Weston was five months pregnant, and a gang of hooded and armed men broke into her home. One held a knife to her throat while the others beat her partner. Rocky wouldn’t accept this – he broke through a door to come to the rescue.

Rocky’s fury scared the intruders off, but he wouldn’t let it go with that. He followed them outside and cornered one until police came. Afterwards, Rocky would not leave Kasha’s side, and he would nudge her baby-bump with his nose as if telling the baby not to worry.

Source: mirror.co.uk

Image linked from mirror.co.uk

Sunshine story: Stolen dog found after 18 months

Dozer - image from Fox31 Denver
Dozer – image from Fox31 Denver

Dozer is a well trained German Shepherd who knows how to open and close doors, turn on lights, and many other useful things. When Dozer was stolen from Richard Brower’s back yard a year and half ago, Brower wouldn’t stop at nothing to find him. 

The search went on for months, and Brower took help from all his friends – they approached everyone in the area walking a German Shepherd, hoping it would be Dozer.

After eighteen months with no sign of Dozer, Brower pulled up his computer and searched for German Shepherd for sale. The first link took him to a website where a photo of his dog looked back from the monitor!

Brower sent the photo to family members and got on the phone with the shelter. Luckily, his father was in the area, able to pick up the dog. No one knows what adventures Dozer might have experienced during all this time, but he came home that very day.


Hero dog saves girl from abduction

A rat terrier isn’t a big dog physically, but they’re still brave at heart. This was proven the other day when Jennifer Jones’ daughter was on the way to school and a man in a pickup truck pulled over, got out of the truck, and grabbed the girl’s wrist. Without the dog, anything could have happened. 

Luckily, the dog was there and bit the would-be abductor at the ankles. This was enough for the girl to get free and flee.


Sunshine story: stolen dog returns home

Blue with her rescuers on her way home – image from Galveston Daily News

In May last year, Ms Navarro’s two dogs Maggie and Blue were stolen from her back yard in Galveston Texas. Blue was just a few weeks old at the time, and after searching for months Ms Navarro thought she’d never see either dog again.

Maggie still hasn’t been found, but Blue turned up at a shelter in Indiana a few days ago, and the shelter tracked down Ms Navarro from Blue’s microchip.

The joy of Blue being found was soon clouded by an everyday problem; Ms Navarro didn’t have the funds to travel over a thousand miles to go get her dog.

Fortunately, dozens of people offered to help. It didn’t take long before retired deputy Ricky Mitchell set off for Indiana together with his brother and one more retired Sheriff’s office employee. The three drove all the way, and posted photos of state signs they passed along the way.

The men drove through the night to get Blue home as quickly as possible.

You can read more about this story in the Galveston County Daily News – the paper has a series of articles about Blue and her journey home.

Sunshine story: hero cat saves infant

The Russian winter is harsh and unforgiving, and the chance of an unprotected infant surviving the cold must be close to zero. That is, if it weren’t for cats. 

Masha the cat became a hero recently when she found an abandoned baby in a box. The child had been left with a package of diapers and some baby food. He was well dressed, but alone in the cold.

Masha jumped into the box to keep the baby warm, and meowed for help. She is a communal cat, cared for by the local residents, and known for being friendly and quiet. Her loud outbursts now did not go unnoticed; help finally arrived in the shape of neighbor Irina Lavrova who thought Masha must have been hurt. Imagine her surprise when she found the cat in a box with a baby.

The boy is around two months old and was taken straight to a hospital. Thanks to Masha he will come out of this adventure unscathed – authorities believe she spent hours with him in the box. Masha is now reaping the rewards of being a good cat – she is considered a hero and is getting all her favorite foods.



Sunshine story: Penny the Vizsla is home after 2400 mile road trip!

Penny is a 7 month old Vizsla who just came home after the adventure of a life time. She got lost in Royal City late December, and while her owners did everything to find her – including creating a Facebook page dedicated to finding her and bringing her home – Penny was on a road trip.

A kind truck driver saw her and picked her up, and she tagged along with him all the way to Pittsburgh, Pa. When his job was done he took Penny to an animal clinic where they scanned her microchip and were able to contact their owners.

Of course, Penny’s adventures weren’t over, because by now she was far from home. The puppy’s luck held and Alaska Airlines flew her home for free.

Make sure your pets have identification, and that your name, address, and phone number are updated. Even the most well behaved pet can get distracted by something. It only takes a couple of seconds for them to dash down the road in pursuit of a bird, squirrel, or something else.

Sunshine story: dog saves owner’s life

A few days ago, Darky, a labrador and collie mix, became a hero. Darky was on a walk with his owner Arthur McGarvey along the fields near their home when Mr. McGarvey collapsed. Darky didn’t lose any time – he ran to the road, barking and prompting drivers to come investigate.

Darky’s strange behavior made motorists pull over, and the persons who stopped quickly spotted the man on the ground. Without Darky no one would have seen Mr. McGarvey, but now the passers by could call for help, and keep him warm until paramedics arrived.

Doctors say Darky’s quick response, getting help in the minutes immediately following the stroke, might have saved Arthur’s life and definitely boosted his chances to make a full recovery. The quicker help and necessary medications are given after a stroke, the better the chances of recovery.

Most people who suffer a stroke have less evident symptoms than Mr. McGarvey. If you think that you or someone close to you has a stroke, call 911 immediately. Also, check the time so you’ll know when the first symptoms appeared – this is important for correct treatment. Common signs include:

  • Face drooping. Ask the person to smile and see if the smile is uneven.
  • Numbness or weakness of a leg, arm, or face. Ask the person to raise both arms and observe if one arm drifts downward.
  • Speech difficulty. Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence.
  • Sudden confusion or trouble understanding.
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one of both eyes.
  • Sudden trouble walking, loss of balance, loss of coordination, or dizziness.
  • Sudden and severe headache without known cause


Image of Darkey with family from mirror.co.uk


Stray dog in Ecuador joins adventure team and travels to Sweden

There are many stray dogs in Ecuador, and up until recently, Arthur was one of them. No home, no family, no name. That is, until he ran into Team Peak Performance – a Swedish team competing in Adventure Racing World Championship. 

One of the theme members gave Arthur a meatball.

Being a smart pooch, Arthur figure out that if there’s one meatball there are probably many, and he decided to tag along on the team’s trek. To start with the team tried to shoo him away, because a 430 mile endurance race in the rainforest is not for the faint of heart, and it is no place for a dog.

Arthur didn’t give up. He followed the team all the way to the finish line.

Sweden is located on a peninsula and free from many animal diseases that plague other countries. There is a strong legislation meant to keep harmful diseases away, and bringing an animal there is easier said than done.

Luckily for Arthur, his loyalty moved his new teammate into falling in love with him, and they arranged for him to travel to Sweden. Miraculously, the vets gave him a clean bill of health, and he can now enjoy the spoils of Scandinavia.

Arthur themed up with Swedish adventurers

Lost New Mexico cat found in Maine

Spice is a cat from New Mexico who bolted from her home when her human opened the door for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. The kitty didn’t return home, and she was nowhere to be found. That is, until she showed in in Maine a few days later – 2,500 miles away.

Spice was found in a duffle bag with food and kitty litter, and when she was turned in to an animal refuge they tracked her owner down through the microchip.

Spice is currently being treated for a mild respiratory infection, and a Maine businessman has promised to pay the cat’s transportation cost back to New Mexico. Hopes are, she’ll be home for the holidays.


Dog sneaks onto ambulance

Image from peoplepets.com

When JR Nicholson needed a ride to the emergency room, his best friend Buddy would not accept being left behind. If Nicholson was going, so was Buddy.

This wouldn’t be so strange if Buddy was human, but he is a 40 lbs Beagle mix, adopted by Nicholson just four months prior to the incident.

The dog leaped onto the small side step of the ambulance and hitched a ride, unbeknownst to the crew.

The ambulance went around 20 miles before another driver stopped them, telling them there was a dog on the side of the vehicle.

Luckily Nicholson didn’t have to stay long at the hospital, and he could return home with his four-footed friend the same day.

Lost dog returns home – after seven years

Almost eight years ago, Mike Nuane had a Shih Tzu puppy named Jordan. The little dog disappeared and was presumed stolen from the back yard in Denver. During the years since then life moved on, but Jordan was never forgotten.

Not long ago the Nuane family got a phone call from the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta, saying, “We’ve got a dog here that’s yours.”

All their dogs were accounted for, but the Atlanta stray’s microchip insisted he belonged to Mike Nuane. It was Jordan, turned in as a stray, many years later and several states away from his home!

Jordan was in pretty bad shape, but has gotten loving care from the shelter, and Nuane flew to Atlanta with leash, collar, food, and food bowls to pick up his lost friend.


Cat tracks down owner in nursing home

When Mrs Nancy Cowen in Westcott, England, had to move into a nursing home, she left her cat Cleo in the care of the neighbors. Normally, that would be that, but Cleo had plans of her own.

A couple of weeks after Mrs Cowen’s arrival, the staff at the nursing home noticed a friendly cat hanging around the house. The cat would sleep on benches outside the facility, and they thought she was a stray begging for food.

It took another couple of weeks before one of the carers picked the cat up in the company of Mrs Cowen, who said, “That looks like my cat. But my cat lost part of her tail in a traffic accident.”

Of course, the kitty hanging around the facility also missed a part of her tail – because she was Cleo, who miraculously managed to track down her human.

Cleo has been welcomed into the nursing home, and the staff will provide her with a loving home for the rest of her life.

Image from //www.dorkingandleatherheadadvertiser.co.uk
Image from //www.dorkingandleatherheadadvertiser.co.uk

Dog keeps human from chasing cars

Many dog owners have problems with their pooches chasing, or even attempting to herd cars. In the case of Ruby and Garrett it’s the other way around, and this golden retriever does a fine job keeping her human safe.

Garrett is a little boy with a severe case of autism who tends to wander off.  Even with several locks, deadbolts, and alarms on the front door he would leave and go to other people’s houses, or just walk in the middle of the street. He also has a disorder making him want to eat unsuitable items, puts himself in danger, and needs 24/7 supervision. The situation was so bad the family avoided going anywhere out of fear of losing him.

The arrival of Ruby changed everything.

Ruby is a service dog who has undergone extensive training by Tender Loving Canines to help her autistic boy. She not  only keeps track of Garrett – she is also his first and best friend. Persons with autism have a hard time expressing themselves and often can’t make friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get lonely. Before Ruby Garrett would barely talk, and now he sings songs to his dog.

Before Ruby was placed with the family, the trainers made many visits to make sure she was the right fit, that she would be gentle with Garrett, and he with her. They still make follow up visits, and right now Ruby undergoes training to track him in case he wanders off.



Manatee watches over dog waiting for rescue

Manatees and dogs don’t usually meet, but if they did they just might be friends. White Boy is a dog from Tampa, Florida, who recently fell into the river. Residents of the Seminole Heights area heard a strange noise from the river Friday night, and saw the dog struggle to climb out the next morning. 

When officers from the Tampa Police Department’s Marine Patrol unit came to the scene, White Boy clung to a cement wall with his front paws – and a manatee stood guard behind him. It is unknown how long the manatee kept the dog company, but it stayed until the dog was rescued.

White Boy has been reunited with his family, and got away from the adventure with bug bites and hurt paws. Hopefully he will stay away from the river in the future.

Image from Tampa Police Department's Facebook page
Image from Tampa Police Department’s Facebook page

Pet shelters step up efforts on keeping pets in their homes

According to the humane society, between three and four million pets are euthanized in shelters each year. It is a mind boggling number, but still an improvement – in the past the number was 20 million. The really sad part is that many of these cats and dogs aren’t strays; they are surrendered by their owners. These pets used to have a home, and for different reasons their owners can’t or won’t keep them.

Every person’s life is more complicated than it appears at first glance. Some things are easy or self evident to one person, and difficult to someone else. Situations change – many pets are given up because their owners can’t afford their vet bills, or even become homeless.

Shelters around the country are stepping up to the challenge, and many now try to work with owners to help them keep their pets. Some need education – they might honestly believe that their dog is happier on a chain in the back yard than in the house – others need practical help, financial support for vet care, help with a pet deposit on a rental, or help with boarding a pet for a shorter period of time.

If the pet is surrendered to the shelter, one of two things can happen: either the pet is killed, or the shelter pays for medical care, food, toys, and the effort to find it a new home. Helping the original owner keep the pet is a win for everyone.