Hero dog to the rescue

Rocky the Rottweiler is a British hero dog who not only saved his family from armed robbers, but also held one of them until police arrived. The thug is now serving a ten year prison sentence.

The incident happened when Kasha Marie Weston was five months pregnant, and a gang of hooded and armed men broke into her home. One held a knife to her throat while the others beat her partner. Rocky wouldn’t accept this – he broke through a door to come to the rescue.

Rocky’s fury scared the intruders off, but he wouldn’t let it go with that. He followed them outside and cornered one until police came. Afterwards, Rocky would not leave Kasha’s side, and he would nudge her baby-bump with his nose as if telling the baby not to worry.

Source: mirror.co.uk

Image linked from mirror.co.uk

Hero dog saves girl from abduction

A rat terrier isn’t a big dog physically, but they’re still brave at heart. This was proven the other day when Jennifer Jones’ daughter was on the way to school and a man in a pickup truck pulled over, got out of the truck, and grabbed the girl’s wrist. Without the dog, anything could have happened. 

Luckily, the dog was there and bit the would-be abductor at the ankles. This was enough for the girl to get free and flee.


Sunshine story: dog saves owner’s life

A few days ago, Darky, a labrador and collie mix, became a hero. Darky was on a walk with his owner Arthur McGarvey along the fields near their home when Mr. McGarvey collapsed. Darky didn’t lose any time – he ran to the road, barking and prompting drivers to come investigate.

Darky’s strange behavior made motorists pull over, and the persons who stopped quickly spotted the man on the ground. Without Darky no one would have seen Mr. McGarvey, but now the passers by could call for help, and keep him warm until paramedics arrived.

Doctors say Darky’s quick response, getting help in the minutes immediately following the stroke, might have saved Arthur’s life and definitely boosted his chances to make a full recovery. The quicker help and necessary medications are given after a stroke, the better the chances of recovery.

Most people who suffer a stroke have less evident symptoms than Mr. McGarvey. If you think that you or someone close to you has a stroke, call 911 immediately. Also, check the time so you’ll know when the first symptoms appeared – this is important for correct treatment. Common signs include:

  • Face drooping. Ask the person to smile and see if the smile is uneven.
  • Numbness or weakness of a leg, arm, or face. Ask the person to raise both arms and observe if one arm drifts downward.
  • Speech difficulty. Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence.
  • Sudden confusion or trouble understanding.
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one of both eyes.
  • Sudden trouble walking, loss of balance, loss of coordination, or dizziness.
  • Sudden and severe headache without known cause


Image of Darkey with family from mirror.co.uk


Stray dog in Ecuador joins adventure team and travels to Sweden

There are many stray dogs in Ecuador, and up until recently, Arthur was one of them. No home, no family, no name. That is, until he ran into Team Peak Performance – a Swedish team competing in Adventure Racing World Championship. 

One of the theme members gave Arthur a meatball.

Being a smart pooch, Arthur figure out that if there’s one meatball there are probably many, and he decided to tag along on the team’s trek. To start with the team tried to shoo him away, because a 430 mile endurance race in the rainforest is not for the faint of heart, and it is no place for a dog.

Arthur didn’t give up. He followed the team all the way to the finish line.

Sweden is located on a peninsula and free from many animal diseases that plague other countries. There is a strong legislation meant to keep harmful diseases away, and bringing an animal there is easier said than done.

Luckily for Arthur, his loyalty moved his new teammate into falling in love with him, and they arranged for him to travel to Sweden. Miraculously, the vets gave him a clean bill of health, and he can now enjoy the spoils of Scandinavia.

Arthur themed up with Swedish adventurers

Dogs can be veterans too

It is Veterans’ Day, and many in the USA take a moment out of everyday life to think about and thank military veterans. This year, six military dogs will be honored on a float in the Veterans’ Day parade.

Many dogs work in the military. They perform dangerous tasks, and are often not even transported back home after duty overseas – their handlers return home, but the dogs are left abroad.

The dogs and their handlers have often worked side by side for years, and many veteran advocates lobby for all four-legged defenders to be returned to the USA. The American Humane Association helps retired military dogs to be reunited with their human veterans.

The AHA writes, “With an estimated 2,500 military working dogs and contract working dogs working side by side with soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the need has never been greater to bring each dog home. The dogs have noses that are 100,000 times more sensitive than humans’, giving them an unparalleled ability to sniff out and detect weapons caches and Improvised Explosive Devices. It is estimated that each military working dog saves the lives of between 150-200 service members.”

Read more about the initiative here.


Hurricane and Jordan protect the White House

The Secret Service has previously had problems keeping fence jumpers away from the White House. It’s hard to stop a runner without shooting them, and as recently as September a person managed to jump the fence and med it all the way inside the Executive Mansion. Someone tried again a few days ago, but this time, four-footed officers Hurricane and Jordan were there to thwart the attempt.

Hurricane and Jordan might not be the kind of Secret Service heroes Hollywood shows us on the silver screen, but they are real, fast, and efficient. The two Belgian Malinois dogs caught the intruder within seconds and held him until human agents caught up with them.

The intruder tried to kick and punch the dogs, and they were slightly injured in the line of duty, but received swift veterinary care. Attempting to injure law enforcement animals is a bad idea – the intruder may now be prosecuted not just for illegally enter the White House grounds, but also be prosecuted under the Federal Law Enforcement Animal Protection Act. The act makes it illegal to even try to inflict injury upon animals used by federal law enforcement.

Hurricane is a six year old Belgian Malinois, and he likes his Kong toy. Jordan is a five year old Belgian Malinois, and he likes walks around the White House.



Rescue dog saves family from fire

A couple of years ago, Teddy the Golden Retriever was alone in a state park in Livonia NY, slowly starving to death. Teddy was lucky – he was rescued, and adopted by Ms Vanzandt who nursed him back to health.

When Teddy’s owner headed out of the country for a short trip, she dropped the dog off with her son and his family. Little did they know how important the dog’s stay would be: he woke them up in the middle of the night, just in time to escape a blazing fire.

The fire started downstairs when flames in a fireplace melted through the mortar between the bricks. Without the dog, the family sleeping upstairs would probably never have woken up. Just minutes after everyone made it out of the house, the building was a ball of flame.

All their belongings are gone, but thanks to Teddy no one in the family was hurt.

Dog keeps human from chasing cars

Many dog owners have problems with their pooches chasing, or even attempting to herd cars. In the case of Ruby and Garrett it’s the other way around, and this golden retriever does a fine job keeping her human safe.

Garrett is a little boy with a severe case of autism who tends to wander off.  Even with several locks, deadbolts, and alarms on the front door he would leave and go to other people’s houses, or just walk in the middle of the street. He also has a disorder making him want to eat unsuitable items, puts himself in danger, and needs 24/7 supervision. The situation was so bad the family avoided going anywhere out of fear of losing him.

The arrival of Ruby changed everything.

Ruby is a service dog who has undergone extensive training by Tender Loving Canines to help her autistic boy. She not  only keeps track of Garrett – she is also his first and best friend. Persons with autism have a hard time expressing themselves and often can’t make friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get lonely. Before Ruby Garrett would barely talk, and now he sings songs to his dog.

Before Ruby was placed with the family, the trainers made many visits to make sure she was the right fit, that she would be gentle with Garrett, and he with her. They still make follow up visits, and right now Ruby undergoes training to track him in case he wanders off.



Time to vote in the Hero Dog Awards!

Each year, the American Humane Association holds a competition in order to find and recognize the country’s phenomenal hero dogs. Voting is open until September 15th, so you still have a chance to get your vote in.

Dogs running for the award come from all walks of life, and there are eight categories:

  • Law Enforcement Dogs
  • Arson Dogs
  • Service Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Military Dogs
  • Guide and Hearing Dogs
  • Search and Rescue Dogs
  • Emerging Hero Dogs

The last category are for ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things, or are heroes to their families.

One dog also walks away with top honors as the winning American Hero Dog, and the prize is $5,000 for a charity. In 2013, Elle the Pitbull became the American Hero Dog. She’s a therapy dog who also works as safety educator, and with a children’s reading program.

Watch this wonderful video about Elle, and hop on over to //www.herodogawards.org/vote to vote for a 2014 Hero Dog!


Hero dog saves 8-year old from angry bees

When Jesse-Cole Shaver and his sister Jasmine went out to play with some neighborhood kids, they had no idea a rotten log nearby hosted a swarm of bees. One of the kids stepped on the log, and the children were immediately surrounded by angry insects.

The children made their way up the hill towards home to get help, but Jesse-Cole couldn’t follow. This is when Hades, the adopted family dog stepped in. Hades ran over to the boy and dragged him up the hill to safety, getting stung several times herself in the process.

Jesse-Cole was stung at least 24 times, and Jasmine five. To make things worse, she is allergic to bees. The children were rushed to the hospital, where doctors had to pick bees out of their hair. Thanks to Hades, the story ends well, and the pit bull is now cheered as the neighborhood hero.


Sunshine story: Lost dog becomes life saver

Stacey Savige found a lost terrier roaming around the local elementary school, picked it up, and took it home. Her neighbor Yolanda agreed to watch over it for a while. The two did everything to reunite the dog with its owner. They printed up 4,000 fliers that they stuffed in mailboxes, and they put in a Craigslist ad.

Yolanda’s sons – Azaiah and Christian – loved the dog at once, but she told them it belonged to someone else and would have to go home in not too long.

Four days later, RaeLee was still in Yolanda’s home, and when she came home from work the little dog flung himself at the screen door and barked like crazy. When she opened the door, he led the way to Christian’s room where the boy was in the middle of a violent seizure.

Without the dog she would most likely have headed in the other direction. The neurologist said her son would have choked on his own blood and died, but thanks to RaeLee help arrived in time.

The next day, the dog’s original owner called and came by to pick up his dog, but he was so moved by the story and the boys’ attachment to the dog that he let the family keep him.

Sunshine story: Rescued bulldog saves her new human dad

Bunny is a friendly bulldog who was found wandering along the highway. Skinny as a stick and riddled with ear and eye infections she certainly needed help, and Will and Cindy Sherman rose to the occasion. Bunny got good food, vaccines, toys, and checkups.

When Bunny developed a cough related to her heart worm treatment, Will took her back to the vet. She got a steroid shot and they returned to the car – where the world went black.

Bunny bolted to the vet’s office and barked and scratched at the door until the receptionist opened – and saw Will convulsing with half his body in the car.

Luckily, help was close. People streamed out of the office – including an EMT who knew what to do.

Thanks to Bunny’s swift intervention, Will could be rushed to the hospital, and the attack was diagnosed as a grand mal seizure. These are caused by an abnormal electrical activity in the brain, most often triggered by epilepsy, but also by low blood sugar, high fever, or a stroke. Many people who have a grand mal seizure will never have another one. Nothing like that ever happened to Will before, and he hasn’t had another seizure since.

Doctors say that if help hadn’t arrived so quickly, the outcome come have been very bad. Luckily, Bunny was there, and repaid her rescuer in a way no one could have anticipated.

Rescue dogs saves baby

There are many stories of rescue dogs repaying their families in unexpected ways. Duke was adopted six years ago, and his family says he is a perfect dog, meant to be theirs. They didn’t anticipate him becoming their hero in more ways than providing love and company.

Duke is normally calm and obedient, and looks like a cautious boy on the news video. No wonder his family was alarmed when he rushed into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed, shaking.

His behavior was so uncharacteristic that the family went to investigate, and found their baby not breathing. Thanks to Duke the child was discovered in time and could be saved.

The family hopes many will see the video and decide to adopt. You never know when the life you save may return the favor.

Hero dog rescues deaf 13-year old from fire

Ace is a 2.5 year old Indianapolis Pit Bull who recently saved his best friend – 13-year-old Nick Lamb – from a house fire. Nick is deaf since birth and was sound asleep when Ace woke him up. Naturally, Nick didn’t want to get up, but Ace persisted. As soon as Nick was properly awake, he realized the house was filled with smoke.

Both the boy and the dog made it out without injury, and firefighters were able to rescue the family’s cat as well. Kitty had to visit the vet to treat her smoke inhalation but she is expected to recover.

Without Ace, it is likely that Nick would never have woken up, and he would have perished in the blaze.

The house turned to rubble, but thanks to Ace, the family is still complete.

Adopted puppy saves family from gas leak

When the McLarty family decided to adopt a puppy from the Michigan Humane Society, they could never imagine how quickly the little dog would return the favor and save their lives.

The three-month old husky mix had only been with the family for two weeks when he woke the household up with his crying. His new human mom took him outside, but he kept on crying, and when they came in he ran circles in the hallway before leading her to the kitchen. There, he sat next to the stove until she looked at it.

One of the gas burners was on, without a flame, leaking gas into the house.