Hero dog rescues deaf 13-year old from fire

Ace is a 2.5 year old Indianapolis Pit Bull who recently saved his best friend – 13-year-old Nick Lamb – from a house fire. Nick is deaf since birth and was sound asleep when Ace woke him up. Naturally, Nick didn’t want to get up, but Ace persisted. As soon as Nick was properly awake, he realized the house was filled with smoke.

Both the boy and the dog made it out without injury, and firefighters were able to rescue the family’s cat as well. Kitty had to visit the vet to treat her smoke inhalation but she is expected to recover.

Without Ace, it is likely that Nick would never have woken up, and he would have perished in the blaze.

The house turned to rubble, but thanks to Ace, the family is still complete.

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