Rescue dog saves family from fire

A couple of years ago, Teddy the Golden Retriever was alone in a state park in Livonia NY, slowly starving to death. Teddy was lucky – he was rescued, and adopted by Ms Vanzandt who nursed him back to health.

When Teddy’s owner headed out of the country for a short trip, she dropped the dog off with her son and his family. Little did they know how important the dog’s stay would be: he woke them up in the middle of the night, just in time to escape a blazing fire.

The fire started downstairs when flames in a fireplace melted through the mortar between the bricks. Without the dog, the family sleeping upstairs would probably never have woken up. Just minutes after everyone made it out of the house, the building was a ball of flame.

All their belongings are gone, but thanks to Teddy no one in the family was hurt.

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