Hero dog saves 8-year old from angry bees

When Jesse-Cole Shaver and his sister Jasmine went out to play with some neighborhood kids, they had no idea a rotten log nearby hosted a swarm of bees. One of the kids stepped on the log, and the children were immediately surrounded by angry insects.

The children made their way up the hill towards home to get help, but Jesse-Cole couldn’t follow. This is when Hades, the adopted family dog stepped in. Hades ran over to the boy and dragged him up the hill to safety, getting stung several times herself in the process.

Jesse-Cole was stung at least 24 times, and Jasmine five. To make things worse, she is allergic to bees. The children were rushed to the hospital, where doctors had to pick bees out of their hair. Thanks to Hades, the story ends well, and the pit bull is now cheered as the neighborhood hero.


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