Hurricane and Jordan protect the White House

The Secret Service has previously had problems keeping fence jumpers away from the White House. It’s hard to stop a runner without shooting them, and as recently as September a person managed to jump the fence and med it all the way inside the Executive Mansion. Someone tried again a few days ago, but this time, four-footed officers Hurricane and Jordan were there to thwart the attempt.

Hurricane and Jordan might not be the kind of Secret Service heroes Hollywood shows us on the silver screen, but they are real, fast, and efficient. The two Belgian Malinois dogs caught the intruder within seconds and held him until human agents caught up with them.

The intruder tried to kick and punch the dogs, and they were slightly injured in the line of duty, but received swift veterinary care. Attempting to injure law enforcement animals is a bad idea – the intruder may now be prosecuted not just for illegally enter the White House grounds, but also be prosecuted under the Federal Law Enforcement Animal Protection Act. The act makes it illegal to even try to inflict injury upon animals used by federal law enforcement.

Hurricane is a six year old Belgian Malinois, and he likes his Kong toy. Jordan is a five year old Belgian Malinois, and he likes walks around the White House.



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