Manatee watches over dog waiting for rescue

Manatees and dogs don’t usually meet, but if they did they just might be friends. White Boy is a dog from Tampa, Florida, who recently fell into the river. Residents of the Seminole Heights area heard a strange noise from the river Friday night, and saw the dog struggle to climb out the next morning. 

When officers from the Tampa Police Department’s Marine Patrol unit came to the scene, White Boy clung to a cement wall with his front paws – and a manatee stood guard behind him. It is unknown how long the manatee kept the dog company, but it stayed until the dog was rescued.

White Boy has been reunited with his family, and got away from the adventure with bug bites and hurt paws. Hopefully he will stay away from the river in the future.

Image from Tampa Police Department's Facebook page
Image from Tampa Police Department’s Facebook page

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