Are your dogs stealing your stuff?

Some dogs steal blingThere are many stories about magpies being attracted to shiny things and taking off with silverware or jewelry, but other species than birds are also attracted to bling. Some dogs, for example, like to steal to shiny objects. 

Many dogs snatch up things such as necklaces or small sparkling purses, carry them off, and hide them. Owners who find their cell phone with sparkling cover in the laundry pile or a bracelet under the sofa cushions might be tempted to blame the children, but the culprit might have four legs.

There are several theories to why some dogs like to hide things. Some believe the habit is genetic and stems back to a time when meals weren’t guaranteed and all excesses had to be preserved. Burying leftovers helped preserve the food, and protect it from others. The dogs would come back later and eat the buried food when they wanted or needed it.

Other theories state that the dog might be bored, and hiding things gives something to do, or that lonely dogs feel better because they have something stashed away that smells like their human.

The behavior can also stem from wanting attention. Some dogs and young children will take whatever attention they can get, even if it involves being scolded. In this case, the dog hides your things because it likes the interaction it gets when you find the things – even if you’re yelling at it. These dogs need more interaction, and maybe a puzzle toy to help keep them occupied.

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