Arlington police officer saves pit bull – twice

About a month ago, Arlington Sergeant Gary Carter responded to a call of a vicious dog trotting down the road. He found a pit bull wandering along the road, but the dog was anything but vicious; he was lost and trying to make friends.

Carter picked up the dog and brought it to animal services, who reunited him with his owner. A photo of Carter with the dog was posted on the police department’s Facebook page and went viral – it has been seen over 12 million times. After that, Carter didn’t think he’d ever see Jeffrey the dog again.

A few days ago, Jeffrey snuck out of his yard again, and ended up with Arlington Animal Services, again. This time the owner didn’t bail him out, and Jeffrey was stuck at a shelter overflowing with animals. That meant he had days to find a new home, or he would be euthanized.

When Carter heard that Jeffrey was back, and what a pickle he was in, he went to the shelter to take some photos, thinking he could help Jeffrey find a home. It didn’t turn out like that: he adopted the dog instead.

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